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Top rated security companies in Atlanta GA

Looking for local security companies in Atlanta? Established in Atlanta, GA in 1989, PSI Security Guard & Patrol Service offers uniformed security officers to both personal customers and companies throughout the Metro-Atlanta Location and its’ surrounding counties.

Atlanta Security Providers

PSI Security is among the leading security companies in Atlanta. We provide business security services and individual protection services

PSI serves regional companies, executives, celebs and daily individuals with requirements for an expert security business Our security experts can provide skilled planning and management of virtually any efforts to deal with security issues.

Service security services

We have trained armed and unarmed security personnel, temporary security teams, and security patrol. For complex circumstances, we can carry out a vulnerability assessment, and an extensive security program.

Why people hire a professional security and protection business

The existing dangers of criminal offenses by everyday bad guys, gangs or terrorists is a clear and present danger. Potentially, any individual or business might be a target for financial gain, or a target for violence coming from hate or revenge.

Our security experts participate in ongoing training and development. Training is based on real case research studies, theoretical scenarios, and self-defense skills training. Our workers are trained to manage regular matters, handle emergency situation scenarios and secure people.

Working With PSI Security is a prudent step to mitigate the possibility of damage to individuals, equipment or your organization operations.

In every scenario, we will make every affordable effort to react quickly while not sacrificing the crucial need for serious, efficient and extensive defense.

When you’re ready, and prior to it’s far too late, offer us a call at (770) 850-1111.

Top Rated #1 Temporary Security Company in Atlanta

Georgia’s Top Temporary Security Service 

Many companies need short-term security services from time to time. Whether you require help to cover for worker holiday or sick time or to supplement security protection for a particular event or emergency situation, PSI is here for you.

Our temporary security services include:

•  Friendly, highly-trained gatekeeper
•  Experienced local management
•  Competence in a range of industries in order to satisfy your short-term, emergency situation and last-minute security needs

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Public Events and Private Security

You might think that private security is best relegated to private events, but the truth is that it can be just as necessary at public events as well. Security is one of the most important concerns of any event manager, since the safety of the guests is an imperative. That’s where private security comes in. Whether you’re hosting a corporate trade show or planning a concert, private security can be a godsend for your purposes. Here are some of the services private security can provide for public events.

They’ll monitor your guest list

Your public event likely has a guest list, which records the people who can be allowed entry inside the venue. Private security for public events will ensure that only these people will gain entry. Similarly, they will also only approve the entrance of approved personnel, so anyone who isn’t on the list will not be allowed to step inside.

They’ll keep your parking lot secure

There’s a very real danger of cars being vandalized or looted in the parking lot during public events. After all, the chance of vehicles being targeted increases when there are a large number of them around. Private security will be able to keep an eye on the cars, as well as on any valuables guests might have in their cars. With private guards, the risk of cars being jimmied open or parts being stolen drops drastically.

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For more information about private security services in Atlanta visit PSI Security Guard and Patrol.